Monday, 27 April 2009

pissing in a river

should i pursue a path so twisted
should i crawl defeated and gifted
should i go the length of a river
what about it what about it what about it
oh im pissing in a river
- patti smith

final weekend of april,2009
yesterday it was my birthday or something so i sat by the river with some friends.

a twelve hour stint 4 til 4 in the summer evening on the S bank. my favourite spot in london. nothing beats it. not even a 40 yarder.

so day went somewhere and suddenly it was dead of night and deserted down there. so we hit the beach. but only after we pissed about.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I am as bad at updating my blog ( as i am at paying my bills - an art which i have masterfully practiced since my first flat at 17. any thought of that first flat makes shiver. i remember waking one morning to find that my feet were a dark withering green/grey and had developed a cold moist layer of extra something. i wasnt about to find out what that something was. i just went and saw a guy and he told me that i had trench foot. yes. trench foot. I took a look at myself in the mirror, saluted and turned on my heals back to the barracks. that place was a dive, all the windows fell from their frames, we had a one bar heater but were too scared to turn it on, too scared that the sudden change in temperature would send our bodies in to a fatal cramp. after finding some photos recently i remembered how many funny episodes took place in that flat - il dig them out at some point and add the stories too.

I woke very early this morning and took a walk thru the common next to my flat. the sun was above but mild and hazy, it knew how i wanted it - as if he really treats the early morning walkers to an early bird special - not too stifling, minus the prickles, a gentle introduction to what he can do. I walked under the bridge i always walk under. I like to stop directly underneath, eyes closed and and let the shards of the lights make patterns on my eyelids. i stand there and rock like nostradamus did for Catherine De Medici and try go flicker myself into the future. the locals love it. the noise the trains make as they reach the centre is an incredible harsh grind. i have recorded it so many times but it never sounds as good as live.


other news - time keeps getting the better of me so i have pushed the release of my first TPIA single back to June. first week. the video is finished and ready to go and i am very happy with it. co-directed by alice lillian, charles key and i under a new company we have started called machine channel. we are going to be producing a number of music videos, shorts, and experimental films and collaborating with other film makers and artists on a number of projects. the first to be announced soon. this is a scheme that i am very focused on and enthused by.

on another note, i am not using larrikin as my surname any longer. this is because i think its just confusing and restraining. i am using another family name of eke, which has an amusing history, a punchy cadence and sums up my last three years of living..ha.

i love a refreshing new start. i have a lot to tick off the list this year. it must be the new year somewhere, surely.

so. more news is on its way and i will make sure this is updated.

look out for the video in a few days.