Friday, 8 May 2009

tuesday 12th may

Early this morning i found myself on a stretch of anonymous dual carriageway around park royal. I was carrying camera equipment for alice as she had been asked to do 'making of' for a new rankin/future shorts film. I dropped the cases off, cracked my knuckles, pinched at my new blisters and headed back up the road. the sky began to spit at me, i stared him right in the eye and spat back which in turn came back to haunt me no thanks to a westerly howl of warm storm wind. i stalked the pavement around a corner and could see a row of well known fast food restaurants lined up in a brutish stink of some kind of perpendicular quasi-rugby move. behind them the sky was black and rolling. to my left there was a cinema - i dived in and was met by a group of screaming 7year olds obviously steaming drunk on inset day or the flu scare, you could tell their tongues were rainbow coloured and that they couldnt believe their luck. to my dismay i noticed that there was a only a single parent helpless in the centre of their multi-coloured ritualistic circle and that any film i chose would be ruined by their war cries permeating the entire building.
i had to weigh it up. i did. so i walked in the rain back up to a tube station. i ended up watching a film alone in a cinema in hammersmith. i sat at the front to really soak it up but was paranoid throughout that some throat slitter would be shuffling about in the rows behind me. the film was like warm piss and my murder anxiety got the better of me so i walked out after an hour.

I decided id walk around the local area to my flat. I visited the land that John Dee's house used to stand upon and was surprised to find that the only sign of him having ever lived there was that 'they' had named the block of flats next to it after him.

No blue plaque, no small museum, no nothing. There was some kind of tea drinking contest going on across the road in the church where his body supposedly lies so i walked past that and went and saw Sir Richard Burtons mausoleum.

Going on short music tour in June - birmingham, cambridge, manchester, leeds, winchester......let me know of any good graves to visit---------

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Here is the video for my single 'Fire Dance'.
It was produced by Charles Key and co-directed by Alice Lillian and I under the three of ours new company Machine Channel.